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comm hiatus

Hey folks,

between work being busier than ever, laptop trouble and the holidays coming up I am neglecting the comms more and more, so I'm putting dailyeddie and dailymary on hiatus until January. Happy holidays everyone and see u all in the new year *group hug*

DAY 1181

Good morning everyone! I'll be taking over for the next few days for our lovely mod, sczep84.

 photo picture-of-edward-james-olmos-in-dexter-large-picture_zpsdbf8776e.jpg



A new round over at twelvecolonies  has started and u should totally check it out. twelvecolonies is a Battlestar Galactica landcomm. There are challenges for graphics, fanfiction, vidding, whatever tickles ur fancy, and u compete in different teams against the other peeps in the comm. U can choose between Team Colonial One for Madame Prez (were there other Presidents? I don't think so :p), Team Galactica for the Admiral and his brave viper pilots and Team Basestar for the Cylons.

Come and join the fun!

twelvecolonies  twelvecolonies  twelvecolonies 


Then there also is a Castle landcomm called castleland . The new round just started.
If you like graphics of all kinds, writing fanfiction, vidding, playing games, and most importantly the tv show Castle, then u should definitely join this comm :) U can choose between Team Castle, Team Beckett, Team Ryan and Team Esposito. Come and join the fun!

castleland  castleland  castleland 

P.S. And if u apply for a team in either comm, tell them I sent u *g*


welcome, mod!post and a poll

Heya all *waves* Welcome to dailyeddie   I've spent the afternoon pimping the layout and the profile page. I am not very good with photoshop thingies but we have a header, a layout and a customized profile now. If anyone feels very creative and wants to do another header, feel free to do so ;)

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