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Daily Eddie
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A daily dose of Edward James Olmos
a b o u t
Hi :) Welcome to dailyeddie! Here u'll get an Edward James Olmos pic every day. And as if a daily dose of Eddie wasn't awesome enough, u'll get a Mary McDonnell/Edward James Olmos pic every Wednesday.

Please note that all BSG caps, unless I state otherwise, are taken from frak-that.com.

r a n d o m
What u won't find here are any kinds of private pics. Eddie deserves his privacy and we won't violate it by posting paparrazzi pics or such things.
Also, u need to join the comm in order to see the pics, as all posts are members-only.

f a n d o m
daily comms: dailymary, daily_five0, judi_daily
other comms: every20in20, haven20in20, likewine20in20

No copyright infringement whatsoever intended. All photos are copyright to their respective owners.

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